Podcast: Zien met je Handen (2021)
Video Shoot: Take it Off (artist Ciqual) (2021)
Jamaica Yard Farm. (2019)
Belgian DHQ contest. (2017, 2018)
Dance Video for TEDxWomenFlanders. (2018)
Dance Film Festival KUDURO – VOGUE – DANCEHALL. (2018)

Podcast: Zien met je Handen

Zien met je Handen (See with your hands) Podcast is made by visually impaired students of De Markgrave Heropleiding (Retraining) and are directed at everyone.
The first series are focused on activities outside of the school hours. What are the passions and hobbies of visually impaired students?

Music Video ‘Take it Off’ by Artist Ciqual.

Dancehall Skinny Diva Productions provided the choreography for this music video. Diva’s Studio collaborated with dancers from High Heels Antwerp to form a group of dancers.

Jamaica Yard Farm.

Jamaica Yard Farm is located in the Jamaican Parish, Portland. It is a back yard farm that grows all kinds of local fruits & vegetables. So far it produces: cucumber, coconut, beans, sorrel, ackee, pumpkin, plantain, okra & corn.

Dwayne Hendricks & Daisy Wouters have put in their work to build the farm from nothing and the aim is to keep it up and ever growing.
#jamaicayardfarm #jamaicayardfarmentertainment

Belgian DHQ Contest 2017, 2018.

The Dancehall Queen Contest is a competition that originated in Jamaica. It is a platform where female dancehall dancers come together to express themselves & compete for the crown in the Dancehall Queen Style.

In 2017, this competition was revived by Mike De Herdt, Daisy Wouters & DJ Linky. This competition brought together female dancehall dancers in Belgium.

DHQ Ravage (BE/DRC) (2017)
DHQ Lady K & DHK Loïc (2018), judges Marie Kerida (BE), Matthew Richards (JA), DHQ Ravage (BE/DRC), Dancehall Skinny Diva (BE)

Dance Video for TEDxWomenFlanders 2017.

With the production team of TEDx WomenFlanders 2017, a dance video was produced to the song Bridges from Taxiwars.
A project bringing together three Belgian dancers with different training:

  • DHQ Lady K // Dancehall
  • Marie Louise Wilderijkx // Classical ballet
  • Jade Derudder // Contemporary dance
DHQ Lady K // Marie Louise Wilderijkx
Jade Derudder (BE, live)

Dance Film festival KUDURO – VOGUE – DANCEHALL.

As part of Dance Day 2018, a film festival was organised screening three dance documentaries followed by Questions & Answers with dancers, spokes persons & film makers, and a showcase of each style.

Guest speakers & Showcase

  • King of Kela (Rabbadance, DRC/BE) // Kuduro/Afro dancer
  • Zelda Fitzgerald (GH/NL) // Spokes person for Vogue & Houses
  • Matthew Richards (Shady Squad, JA) // Dancehall dancer
  • Jessica AK (FR/NC) // Director & Producer of Back to Basics
  • Valerie Maene & Crew (Let’s Go Urban) // Dancehall showcase