Dancehall Skinny Diva

Daisy Wouters aka Dancehall Skinny Diva expresses herself best and feels most comfortable dancing & teaching female dancehall & dancehall queen style from Jamaica.

Her dancing whereabouts.
2019 – 2014 // Australia
2014 – now // Europe
2016 – now // teach own classes (Belgium) @diva_s_studio
2018 // Groove Trip to Jamaica
2019 // Hustlaz & Divas Trip to Jamaica #hustlazndivastour

Moving back from Australia to Europe, Daisy continued taking workshops with Jamaican & European dancehall dancers. Eventually she started her own dance classes #dancenflass in Belgium because she felt the need for dancehall classes outside of the more competitive urban dance schools.

Growing up, Daisy took classes in gymnastics. And until today gymnastics, flexibility & strength still form an important part of her practice and her style today.

Besides dancing she creates performances addressing topics such as reason vs. feelings, female sexuality, misogyny, cultural stereotyping, etc.

Live performances:

  • Vunzig Veesje (by Archipel)
  • Bad Gyal Dem (by Dancehall Skinny Diva Productions)
    Babelbühne Slotfeest – oktober 2021
    Babelbühne – Festival Fuck Goodbyes augustus 2021
    WIPCOOP – 7&8 november 2019
    GAST – 30&31 augustus 2019