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Happy customers:

* Having fun, learning & movement!
* It keeps me flexible, which is most welcome with my lower back problems.
* A lot of fun to dance in a group & good music. It motivates to stay acti

Dance ‘n’ Flass


These classes are primarily dedicated to FEMALE
dancehall and therefore caters mostly to a female audience.
However a history of the dancehall culture is provided and both Jamaican male & female guest teachers are booked to learn from the source.
The principle is to watch, to catch & to repeat.
Classes are for ALL LEVELS and encourage a high level of FITNESS.

According to my students we don’t sweat, we SPARKLE !
— ‘to flass’ means to act or move with flair. —

Classes consist of …
* social / party dancehall moves
* dancehall moves
* choreo
* stretching

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Flex ‘n’ Skin


This class is a combination of whole body WORKOUT
and then static & dynamic STRETCHES to increase flexibility & STRENGTH.
Stretching is good for stress RELIEF
and helps with overall body POSTURE.

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Eyes on Prize

Classes catering for visually impaired students.

As in all our classes and workshops we aim to get the best out of our customers. Therefore we start from their abilities & knowledge, and aim for their (physical) happiness via movement, rhythm & music. One of our approaches is to let the students bring their own music & energy, and we all learn from each other.


In workshops we always cater to the audience and to the time available. Nevertheless, as it is often a one of, we ensure to address the dancehall culture and where it comes from more explicitly: the history, the connection with the music, the importance of the community & the vice versa influence with fashion & daily life in Jamaica.

Examples of workshops: dance workshop, bachelorette, warm up for events, team building, festival entertainment …

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