What do we need to feel comfortable?
What triggers discomfort?
Would you rather disconnect from your feelings than having to live them intensely?

(Work in Progress. More info Soon.)


What if sex wasn’t taboo?
What happens when a woman claims her sexuality, explores it,
exposes it and even imposes it?
Is this bad? Is it misogyny or misandry? …

In BAD GYAL DEM, Daisy Wouters aka Dancehall Skinny Diva, explores behaviour that are often linked with the word ‘bad’ in several cultures and society. In some subcultures however words such as ‘bad’ get reclaimed and mean extremely good. Within the framework of performance & entertainment, she uses dance & text to test the limits of vulgarity, sexuality, sexiness & aggression.
She brings a personal story of a woman that is proud about her sexuality and sees it as her female strength. Even her imperfections she will expose them as her uniqueness.

This performance is a reflection on a mindset that considers the sexuality of a woman as something negative and therefore not meant to be exposed. Daisy Wouters invites the audience to merely enjoy and be entertained and take of their own cultural mindset about What is entertainment? What is entertaining? What happens when female sexuality enters entertainment?

Thanks to: Fameus, Mestizo Arts Platform, Stad Antwerpen & Matterhorn.